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Call for Papers – KLICELS23

Call for Papers

The conference organizer is cordially invites academics, practitioners, scholars, researchers, policy makers of any government to present their papers in KLiCELS. Papers should be submitted through online and will be blind reviewed by two reviewers. We are also welcome and highly encourage postgraduate students to present their research proposal or literature review or findings or issues in this conference with a very special registration fees. Papers may address, but not restricted to, the main theme from any of the following sub-themes. Unlisted but related sub-topics are also acceptable.

Communication and Information TechnologyBusiness and Information Systems
Communication and Information TechnologyHybrid Information Technology
Communication and Information TechnologyBioinformatics and Applications
Communication and Information TechnologyMultimedia Presentation
Communication and Information TechnologyElectronic Commerce, Business and Management
Communication and Information TechnologyHardware and Software Design
Communication and Information TechnologyHealth and Medical Informatics
Communication and Information TechnologyIntelligent Communications and Networks
Communication and Information TechnologyIT-Based Convergence Technology and Service
Communication and Information TechnologyMultimedia Convergence
Communication and Information TechnologySoft Computing and Intelligent Systems
Communication and Information TechnologySocial and Business Aspects of Convergence IT
Communication and Information TechnologyRecent Trends in Computing and Information Technology
Communication and Information TechnologyOther Related Topics
EducationEarly Education
EducationSpecial Education
EducationEarly Childhood
EducationTheory of Education
EducationComparative Education
EducationEducational Policy
EducationPlanning and Practice
EducationEducational Psychology
EducationLanguage Education
EducationLiberal Education
EducationOther Related Topics
LanguagesBlended Learning
LanguagesFirst Language Acquisition
LanguagesLanguage Education
LanguagesLearner and Teacher Autonomy
LanguagesLife Long Learning
LanguagesWorld English
LanguagesTranslation and Interpretation
LanguagesOther Related Topics
Social SciencesAnthropology
Social SciencesArchaeology
Social SciencesCultural and Ethnic Studies
Social SciencesGender and Sexuality Studies
Social SciencesGeography, History
Social SciencesPolitical Science
Social SciencesPsychology, Sociology
Social SciencesInternational Relations
Social SciencesCross-Cultural Studies
Social SciencesPeace and Conflict Studies
Social SciencesWomen’s Studies
Social SciencesReligious Studies
Social SciencesSocial Welfare Studies
Social SciencesOther Related Topics
BusinessStrategic Finance
BusinessConsumer Behavior
BusinessMarketing Ethics and Business Law
BusinessOther Related Topics